One of Britain's foremost and contemporary painters and printmakers

Reflections at 80

14 September - 15 October 2021

Brendan Neiland has a long-held fascination with cities, finding himself constantly enthralled by their sense of possibility, their unending evolution and change. His recent paintings evoke the multi-sensory experience of contemporary urban life, in a sequence of kaleidoscopic images formed from disparate elements. Spatially complex, each canvas combines multiple vantage points, in pictorial constructions that summon both the exhilaration and disorientation of the city’s myriad sights and sounds. 

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Brendan Neiland is one of Britain's foremost and contemporary painters and printmakers represented in major museums and galleries worldwide including, in Britain, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate Gallery London, The collections of the British Council and the Arts Council of Great Britain.

He has created some of the most memorable images of modern metropolitan existence. His work has been commissioned by leading commercial companies, public service institutions and education establishments and has been the subject of several television documentaries and video programmes.

Informed by the practice of photography yet influenced by a sense of the poetics of lights and pictorial structure which can be related to the work of Braque or Magritte, Corot or Vermeer, the art of Brendan Neiland is eloquent of the enigma of existence as it has been manifest in the modern era.

At once intimate and grand, celebratory and melancholy, his work often features the soaring glass and steel structures typical of the era’s corporate architecture. At the same time, the work embraces a range of spiritual matters. Able to convey the depths of longing contained within a moments reflection – in the mystery of mirrored light, held in creative equipose between worlds of culture and nature, technology and spirit – Brendan Neiland is an artist whose work appeals to both the public and private realm.

Brendan Neiland is represented by the Redfern Gallery.


80 and still going strong

1941 Born Lichfield, Stafford
1961-66 Birmingham College of Art
1966-69 Royal College of Art, London
1969 Awarded Silver Medal, Royal College of Art
1970 Joined Angela Flowers Gallery, London
1978 John Moore's XI Prize Winner
1979 Joined Fischer Fine Art Gallery, London
1988 Elected Fellow of Royal Society of Painters and Etchers
1992 Joined Redfern Gallery, London
1992 Elected Royal Academician
1996 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
1996 Appointed Professor of Painting University of Brighton
1998-2004 Keeper of The Royal Academy Schools
1999 Appointed Professor of Painting, Loughborough University
2014 Artist in Residence, Nan Yang Academy, Singapore

Brendan has exhibited internationally and work is held in major public, private and corporate collections worldwide.

Solo exhibitions

Selected exhibitions from 2006


  • Galerie Belvédère, Singapore, 'The Art of Reflection'
  • Turlej Foundation, Krakow, Poland, 'Brendan Neiland - A New Perspective'
  • Redfern Gallery, London, 'Brendan Neiland - Recent Paintings and a Selection of Prints'
  • Museum and Art Galleries, Sharjah, UAE, 'Brendan Neiland - A Retrospective'
  • Intercontinental Hotel, London, 'An Exhibition of Prints by Brendan Neiland'
  • John Bloxham Gallery, London, 'Neiland's Choice'
  • Redfern Gallery, London, 'Brendan Neiland - Night and Day'
  • Redfern Gallery, London, 'A Seventieth Birthday Exhibition'
  • The Cut, London, 'Neiland at the Cut'
  • Galerie Belvédère, Singapore, 'Prints and Works on Paper'
  • Galerie Belvédère, Singapore, 'Neiland in Singapore'


The Redfern Gallery
20 Cork Street
London W1S 3HL
Telephone: 020 7734 1732/0578
Fax: 020 7494 2908

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  • “Cities constantly move me. All over the globe, the sights, smells and sounds of cities present a world of possibilities that has been ever-present in my work.” — Brendan Neiland

  • “As cities open up again, the sensations flood back and inspire me.” — Brendan Neiland