Television and Video

Big Paintings for Public Places BBC Television 1969

Far to Go Brendan Neiland talking to Hugh Macpherson

Artists in Print - Lithography Produced by Suzanne Davis for BBC Television March 1981

Celebration - Wigan Print Extravaganza June 1987

Granada Television Wide Angle, A Menton film made for Anglia Television 1992

Third Eye, BBC Radio 3 1992

Now Showing, BBC 14 March 1993 Directed by Alan Velecky

Brendan Neiland Commissioned Art and Professional Practice, Directed by Gavin Nettleton University of Brighton

Screen Printing with Water Based Inks, Directed by Gavin Nettleton, University of Brighton

Portrait of an Artist, Directed by Sam Docherty, Delphic Production 1996

Interview for Nevis Radio with Gina Kennedy, 1996

Lexmark prize-Chairman of Judges 2003-4

Television Interview with Angela Rippon 2003

Royal Academy Schools television film with Floella Benjamin

Lexmark Art Prize various radio interviews 2003

Rolfe Harris on Turner 2004