Brendan Neiland Blue Iris

Drawing on Life

17 October 2017 - 4 November 2017

An exhibition of large scale paintings and intimate works on paper by acclaimed contemporary artist and printmaker, Brendan Neiland.

"In some ways the work in this latest show can be defined in conventional art gallery terms: the still life; the portrait (siren, child); the landscape; the decorative motif and so on.

Such descriptions scarcely do justice to the drama, vivid colour and dramatic juxtaposition offered, in a suite of paintings that I  couldn’t help thinking of as a contemporary secular reference to the Stations of the Cross- the journey through the city with its billboards, cafes, street crossing, resting places.

You see a Neiland reflective streetscape and streetscape will never be quite the same for you again, because you have absorbed a way of looking / feeling / thinking courtesy of an interaction with artistic inspiration."

Paul Finch 2017


The Redfern Gallery
20 Cork Street,

020 7734 1732 / 0578

Brendan Neiland Drawing on Life collage

Drawing on Life features

Aperitif Seated 61x46 2015
Blue Iris 45.5x61 2017
Bouquet 45.5x61 2017
Chai 45.5x61 2015
City Zest 182x122
City Allure 183x121 2017
Consuella 183x121
Embrace 122x91 2015
Fragments 122x91
Kaleidescope 45.5x61 2015

Lips Reflection 182x1202
Multiflections 122x91 2014
Phoenix 61x46 2015
Rosanaline 61x46 2015
Rubylips 45.5x61 2016
Stella Maris 61x46 2016
Symphonic Cascata 183x121 2016
Tesla 45.5x61 2016
WonTon 45.5x61 2016
Zephyr 45.5x61 2016

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